Tuesday, September 3, 2013

terza rima

    OK just playing around today to kill some time, I thought I would try my hand at a terza rima which is a style of poetry that Veronica franco was fond of:

    Lo my lord no more words! to deeds to actions!
    Waste not one more line, not one more syllable
    No odes to beauty to gain my attention

    If it is love or lust you feel, be sinful
    Attract with a touch and be rewarded
    desire is not a time to be sensible

    I can see it in your eyes you are tempted
    to slip between the saintly and the bawdy
    wishes to bend and entwine and be knotted

    If you like I will say that you challenged me
    And like a maid did try to resist thy chains
    by your skill alone I am yours loyally

    My part is played now yours is all that remains
    Come here and full of most wicked desire
    together we shall feel fire within our veins

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