Monday, May 19, 2014

Drawers plan

I think my first project will be a pair of drawers, while I am planning a pair of pants to go with this outfit I do like a layer between me and my outer clothing so I think a pair of linen drawers should work. Nothing fancy just plain linen flat felled with red silk thread. If I have time and inspiration I could embroider the cuff

I'm thinking something like this, most likely shorter in the leg

based on a pattern from Janet Arnold's pattern of fashion 4 pg 106

Pic once my camera charges

Sunday, May 18, 2014

IRCC 2014

Realm of Venus is holding their costume challenge and once again I am going to enter. This year's outfit will be very different form what I have entered in the past and while it may not be something that will place me in the top three it will be something I hope to get my sewing mojo going again.

My inspiration for the underwear layer

And my inspiration for the main outfit
I've never made a ladies doublet so that could be challenging

I hope to post my plans within the next week then jump into work on the 1st

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

terza rima

    OK just playing around today to kill some time, I thought I would try my hand at a terza rima which is a style of poetry that Veronica franco was fond of:

    Lo my lord no more words! to deeds to actions!
    Waste not one more line, not one more syllable
    No odes to beauty to gain my attention

    If it is love or lust you feel, be sinful
    Attract with a touch and be rewarded
    desire is not a time to be sensible

    I can see it in your eyes you are tempted
    to slip between the saintly and the bawdy
    wishes to bend and entwine and be knotted

    If you like I will say that you challenged me
    And like a maid did try to resist thy chains
    by your skill alone I am yours loyally

    My part is played now yours is all that remains
    Come here and full of most wicked desire
    together we shall feel fire within our veins

    an attempt at a letter in persona

    My dearest English lord,

    It has been so long since you graced me with your loving glances and passionate words. Must I wait until the thaw to feel your arms around me again? Like Persephone I find myself dwelling in darkness longing for the spring to bring joy and light back into my world. Give me hope with promises you will find your way home to me. This winter has been too cruel, the void in my heart that only you can fill has brought a chill I cannot escape. I hold the memories of your laughter, wit and charm as they are the only things to bring a smile to my lips. I know our parting was not ideal and we found ourselves more married then lovers, but even then they are moments I cherish. The fire in my heart still burns for you, my nights are lonely and my thoughts are often of you. At the slightest word you would find me a slave to our love. As coy and wild as Artemis, As passionate as Aphrodite and as completely yours as the echos of my heart remind me that I am. With a word I would play the part of your dreams, cold and distant goddess, pliable maiden, wanton lover, obedient servant. Such roles are empty without you. Tell me you still think of me, that this pain is not just mine alone to bear. Be kind to me, do not have me wait for your reply to long.

    Yours, body, heart and soul
    Magdalena Lucia Ramberti
    This 29th day of December
    In Venice

    Monday, August 5, 2013


    As a side project I have been working on a portable personal shrine to my persona's patron saint.
    Reliquaries held relics of religious significance. Being a good Italian woman living in Venice in all likelihood I would be Catholic. Being a courtesan I would be classed as a fallen woman an there were many laws limiting when I could attend church and where I could sit. Being devote I would still do my prayers and appeal to the saints. The patron saint of fallen women is Mary Magdalene.

    Reliquaries were often very ornate

    I was able to get a 3rd class relic which means an item (often cloth) that had been in contact with a 1st or second class relic. A First Class Relic is the body or a portion of the body of a Saint (bone, flesh, or hair). These are considered so precious that they are rarely entrusted to individuals, but are placed in Faith Communities. The Second Class Relic is an item or piece of an item used by the Saint while on the body (clothing, Bible, Breviary, Mass vestments, and so on). Again, Second Class Relics are considered so precious that they are rarely entrusted to individuals, but are placed in Faith Communities. Third Class Relics typically fall into 2 categories. The first category is a piece of cloth touched to a First or Second Class Relic of the Saint. The second category, in cases where there is no known existing relic of a saint, the cloth has been touched to the shrine of the saint. Generally, the Third Class Relic is a piece of cloth, but it need not be, as long as the item so touched conveys Holiness and is touched with the intent that it be a Third Class Relic. 

    My third class relic is a piece of the cloth that carried Mary Magdalene's bones when they were on tour in the US. 


    I decided to display this relic within a very gothic looking shadow box

    I was gifted a beautiful rosary that I have draped around the box.

    I have plans to also create a triptych, which is a style panel painting

    also a walk able labyrinth
    The pattern of Chartres labyrinth , labyrinths were used for meditation and contemplation

    Tuesday, July 2, 2013